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The Bromelain Enzyme present in pineapple. Pineapple ferment drink recipe.

Bromelain is an enzyme of plant origin present in the pineapple, capable of breaking down proteins into their constituent amino acids, facilitating digestion and their absorption. It favors the digestive processes and, therefore, the nutrient absorption .

At the digestive level, it acts in a very similar way to the digestive enzymes , resulting in a very suitable substance to alleviate the symptoms of numerous gastrointestinal ailments, slow digestion and stomach heaviness. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also recommended for the treatment of flatulence or certain irritable bowel symptoms. And by helping to reduce appetite, it is effective in maintaining weight.

Such a complete fruit is ideal to combine in a protein shake, and if you want to try something different... how about a pineapple ferment drink?

Pineapple ferment drink:

In a slightly ventilated glass or ceramic container, submerge the peel of a well-washed pineapple in 2 liters of water, let it rest for 48 hours in a somewhat warm place. You will see how towards the end of the process bubbles are created indicative of the fermentation process. Take very cold.

The fermentation process creates probiotic microorganisms that favor the stability of the microbiota, helping to create robust communities of beneficial bacteria and yeasts, promoting the restoration of the interior ecosystem.

Sometimes, we have an unbalanced and weakened microflora due to external agents such as stress, antibiotics and a diet high in processed foods.

Keep in mind that this drink produces alcohol in its fermentation process, the longer you let the drink ferment, the more the alcohol content will rise, and even more so if you add brown, cane or coconut sugar to the mix as indicated in some recipes. You can also add spices to taste such as cinnamon, cloves, anise, etc... If you only want a very refreshing drink with healthy properties, 48 hours of fermentation is enough.

Very popular drink in Venezuela and Colombia (Guarapo, Chicha de Piña,…) with numerous variations. An alternative to the other popular ferment drink: Kombucha.